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Sisters Revisited

Oh my, Hannah and Ruthie are getting so sweet together. Their sisterhood is really blossoming now and it just makes me smile all over the place. Yesterday in the grocery store, Ruth was up in the cart, tired as all get out, and Hannah was standing next to her. Ruth leaned her head over to Hannah, reached her arms around her neck and lay her head on her shoulder. Hannah pat Ruth’s back. Ruth pat Hannah’s back. Then they’d release and return, release and return. Hug after hug after hug. Ruthie reaching out to her big sister for comfort in her exhaustion. Hannah giving sweet words of love. “Aww, I wuv you Roofie. Awww, Roofie, you’re mine best friend.” Oh. My heart. So full. To bursting. Oh that she would be her best friend. As my sister is mine. I love sisters. Did you know that about me?

Sisters, 1974

Sisters, 1974

Sisters, 2008

Sisters, 2008



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Did I really give birth to these people?

It occurs to me that I don’t really have a lot of pictures on this thing. I have noticed that all the really cool kids have lots of pictures on their blogs. Hmph. I want to be a cool kid. I need pictures.

Here’s the thing about me, though. A while ago I listed six surprising facts about myself. One of them was that I don’t do numbers. Well, my cognitive limitations go beyond just numbers. I don’t really do space either. Or sounds. Or visuals. Umm. See, it’s like this. I don’t take in too much, sensory-wise. Did I already mention somewhere that I’m an INFP, completely lacking in sensory intake? So, I generally don’t need pictures or picture things in my head. I learn best verbal-visually: that is, seeing words. I can take mental pictures of words on pages, but pictures of things mean little to me. I’m not saying all this as if it’s a good thing. It drives my former-engineering-student husband positively batty. Well, that’s how I’d put it. He’d just say it mystifies him.

So, that’s why I named this thing Life as I Think It. Cuz that’s about all I do. Think. I’m sedentary and sensory-dull, and we–that is, my husband, my sister and I–joke that I’d be perfectly happy existing as a brain in a jar wheeled around on a cart as necessary.

But I really do want to do this blogging thing. In a way that leaves my Blog Stats looking more like a plateau and less like an EKG report. And the first thing I want to do is add more pictures. Because, as I said, all the cool kids have ’em. The second thing I want to do is actually write more often. Perhaps less of loooong, rambling, blatherings of the “profound,” more short, succinct, snapshots of the mundane. I’ll work on the latter. And start with the former. Pictures.

Here are the children of whom I speak. In their natural habitat, as opposed to August’s field trip. While the picture is quite rare in that it depicts all three of my children in a way that represents them fairly and accurately, still, each time I see it I can’t help but ask, “Did I really give birth to these people?”


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